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Assistance please - help on video cameras Empty Assistance please - help on video cameras

Post  julesb69 on Sun May 11, 2014 7:39 am

Hi Everyone,

To keep it short. Last year, (3 days to the day), I was attacked by two guys in broad daylight. They blind spotted me, knocked me out cold and broke my ankle in two places. There is a shop owner who saw it, but he doesn't want to be a witness, but maybe I could get a statement through the police, if they went to see him.

Anyway, the main antagoniser's cousin lives on my estate, so he (the antagoniser) is often around. He kept away for about 10 months after the attack and now I see him again a lot now.

When I first saw him, a few months back, I was quite taken aback, but had the courage to stop and say to him "look, what happened happened and I don't need any trouble in my life so lets just leave things be OK!?". He nodded andacknowledged what I said, so I figured everything was fine and I could just get on with my life.

But no  No , a couple of days ago, I was cycling, like I do most days for exercise, and some eight miles in to my session I look up to the left for no reason at all and I see the antagoniser limping along with a crutch and a plastic rehab support boot you get for injuries, just like the one I had to wear because of him.

Anyway, in that millisecond of a passing moment, as I was doing speed, I connected with his face, realised who it was and I burst out laughing. You must be able to feel my joy at that moment. This was karma in practice. You couldn't write script like that. But all that fun and passive vengeance aside, sadly his reaction was one of agression and threats.

Moreover, later that evening I was cycling home from the shops, when I passed him again. He ended up shouting and cursing and beckoning me over, and I know he didn't want a neighbourly chat, so I just carried on my way saying nothing. He's obviously a few screws short, but that only concerns me more.

Moving home is always an option, but that would take time so I'm bound to bump into him again before that because he's always around so sods law says it's just a matter time.

Anyway, I'm not into violence. Why should I get in trouble and ruin my life because of a lout like that? Besides, I'm still not fully confident on my ankle. That attack really sapped my confidence and all this despite him looking worse off just for now.

I'd rather be at the ready to video his actions, so if anyone knows of a quality camera that I can press a single button discreetly and strap to my shoulder bag like you would a phone, then I know I could capture some great footage that will help my case.

I've considered my phone, and although it would be a great soft skill tool by visually showing him he's under serveillance, it might also ignite him, because he's basically mentally unbalanced and filled with rage as a person.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.




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